Trace your Supply Chain

Track your Production

FeaturePrint enables you to trace and authenticate your individual items wherever they go and along the way. On the assembly line or in the marketplace, track and trace the one in the millions and know with certainty, that they are not being swapped, changed, or faked along the way.

  • Eliminate Counterfeits

  • Avoid Gray Markets

  • Trace your items

  • Stop Human Error

Whatever your starting point, you can take a photo of your item, part, or product. With that one photo, our system will automatically create a baseline FeaturePrint (a digital fingerprint) that is unique and specific to that one item out of many. Along your production line, throughout your supply chain, or in the marketplace, you or others will be able to take another photo of that item, and immediately authenticate and identify the specific item, where it came from, and where else it has been. All with just pictures taken with your mobile phone.

Businesses lose trillions of dollars each year because individual items are not correctly identified or worse, swapped or manipulated along the way. Even those with exotic labels, etchings, or handling procedures. With Alitheon’s FeaturePrint, your products are reliably authenticated and identified through simple photo taking. With only a camera, our software can identify the inherent digital fingerprint that exists on every item. The true, unrefutable identity of each item is unlocked without any physical contact or alterations.

With FeaturePrint you can track and trace each individual item from birth to end of life recycling, ensuring that your environmental commitments are met.

With FeaturePrint, you can trace a part throughout the production line from its sheetmetal start, through forming anf finishing. On a single line or split lines, know at each stop which item is which, that it is being routed to the correct next stop and eventualy which product goes to which customer.

With FeaturePrint you can ensure that the right products, down to the individual, are showing up on the right shelves. That there is no mistaken or unmistaken movement of your products between markets.

With FeaturePrint, your customers can be assured they are buying an authentic and authorized product that you stand behind. Be it directly from you, your distributor, or on the secondary market, eliminate fake and grey market products from making their way to your customers.

With FeaturePrint you can take ownership of your aftermarket and secondary markets by ensuring authenticity and provenance for yoursleves and your customers.

the simple process

Take A Picture

Just take a photo of your part, product, or item. Use a mobile phone or industrial camera. 

No marking, changing, adding, or manipulating.

No pixy dust, holograms, barcodes, tags or stickers. 

No x-ray, spectral imaging, 3D mapping, or infra red.


Our patented algorithms automatically identify and codify the unique attributes and features inherently existing on the item.

It then creates a one-of-a-kind FeaturePrint (a 'digital fingerprint') that can be used for identification, authentication, or traceability. The ONE of millions. Just like your own fingerprint.

Identify, Authenticate, Trace

You, your customer, your distributer, your quality control, or anyone you choose, can take a picture of the item and identify it, authenticate it, and trace it.


No special scanners, readers, or tools. Just a camera. Even the one on your phone.