Digital manufacturing finally meets your physical products.

With Alitheon, your production systems are digitally, precisely linked to all the things you make

Trace everything without changing a thing

Alitheon identifies all your products, parts, and components with contactless machine vision

End losses and scrap due to unidentified parts

Alitheon FeaturePrint technology recognizes your items, even when your factory floor cannot

Automatically trace the untraceable

Alitheon lets you detect every fastener, circuit board, or casting without markings or modifications

traceability from factory floors to aftermarkets

Anywhere you authorize, your goods can instantly declare their identities with simple Alitheon software

Connect your enterprise to your manufactured items

Alitheon's software upgrades your business applications to give you awareness of individual parts and products

A customer relationship for each product you ship

Identified by Alitheon technology, every item opens its own high-trust digital channel to your customers

Unlock the digital identity already built into your products

Alitheon develops software to trace the lifecycle of goods without labels, markings, or packaging. With only camera images, Alitheon FeaturePrint™ solutions let you verify the identity of your products – in the factory or in the field with your customers.


An instant digital twin for every single thing you make


In milliseconds, algorithms discover the unique details of individual objects, distinguishing one item from millions or more. Alitheon's FeaturePrint software works with standard cameras to see and remember your products with certainty.


Image Capture

Automated Software Transformation

Surface Analysis
Statistical Mapping
Unique Digital Identity
Math data - 10% of image size

FeaturePrint™ ID

System Integration

FeaturePrint IDs are digital assets that link your business applications to your individual products

Retrofit your process without disruption

Digitalization for the Factory and the Field

Alitheon platform and endpoints for no-touch traceability™

FeaturePrint  Automate

FeaturePrint IDs are the data links connecting your business applications to individual products

  • Configurable form factors
  • Programmable triggering
For your Lines & Users
FeaturePrint Station

All-in-one tools for people that build, test, or service your products

  • Standardized, portable devices
  • Optimised for production tasks
FeaturePrint  App

Handheld product verification for your end users in the field

  • Redistributable mobile apps
  • Tailored for simple experiences
System Operations
for your sites
System Workflow

No-Touch Traceability:
The Use Cases

Your products are already engineered, in production, and in the market. With a nondisruptive optical retrofit, your existing manufacturing lines also generate item-level digital twins. Whenever a camera based endpoint is triggered, the items you make are reconfirmed. You gain new digital insights, new control, and the ability to address longstanding business challenges.

Factory Automation
Digitally Enhanced Products
No-Touch Traceability

Factory Automation

By deploying Alitheon automated traceability across your process chain, you cut losses due to unknown or mishandled workpieces, while digitally verifying the quality of finished goods.

Process Сontrol

Drive out scrap, rework, and gaps in your handling procedures. Alitheon’s item-level traceability solutions reconfirm parts as they transform through each production stage.

Quality Management

“Is this the correct component for the work I’m doing?” People that assemble, test, or deliver your products need to answer this question quickly and with a clear green light/red light answer.

Delivery Сonformance

Deliver the products your customers expect. Alitheon helps you prevent mishandling of your goods and uncertain distribution channels.

No-Touch Traceability

Field Service

Alitheon brings you and your global customers together through a unified product identity. You open a new digital channel for sales and support through every item you ship.

Post-sale Рrograms

For product warranty, replacement, or support scenarios, ensure you and your customers share a common understanding of your product's history.

Operational Сompliance

Give your employees, partners, and customers digital tools to interact with regulated goods, keeping you on course with policies & audits.

Channel Management

Ensure your distributors and aftermarket partners are managing your goods in known geographies and applications.

No-Touch Traceability


With FeaturePrint™ systems in place, you gain a new digital link to every product you make. By avoiding physical markings or traceability stops in your workflow, you can design higher performance products free of legacy requirements.

Design smaller, denser products

Reclaim precious footprint within your circuit boards and precision components - space-consuming identification labels, etchings, or electronic modules are no longer required.

Block counterfeiters with a tamper-proof digital technique

Your products offer immutable proof of their identity - a native security method. You gain new digital protection without any product changes.

Add traceability awareness to existing systems

Handling systems are tough to keep on track. With just software, even everyday bins or trays can support enterprise-class traceability.

No-Touch Traceability


Each of your FeaturePrint-enabled parts, components, and finished goods brings digital opportunity to your business units and audiences.

Your Customers

Every product is
inherently knowable
across its lifecycle

FeaturePrint™ ID is the searchable, permanent link to any physical object. With Alitheon machine vision technology, your parts, components, or finished products gain an integral virtual serial number. The result is your precise understanding and control of each item over its useful life.

The shop floor is modernized for part-level process control

FeaturePrint™ endpoints retrofit virtually any manufacturing environment without interference. Alitheon’s optical technology runs alongside your existing process flow, automatically triggered by your machine centers or inspection points. You gain the tightest possible insights into site performance and efficiency.

Business applications cross the final digital gap to your products

Whenever FeaturePrint technology identifies your products, digital activity records can be passed to your PLM, CRM, or compliance applications. With this ultra-targeted data, your applications gain an unprecedented level of insight into your plants, partners, and customers.

Every product delivered opens a new digital engagement channel

Through tamper-proof digital identities, customers verify your products with high trust and reliability. In OEM or aftermarket relationships, easy-to-use traceability services differentiate your brand while protecting margins and fostering loyalty. Customer usage data drives you to new sales or support opportunities.

See your products in an entirely new way

Ready to assess no-touch traceability for your use cases? Alitheon's PREP (Production Readiness Program) offers feasibility tests based on your own send-in samples. With a simple cooperative agreement in place, our Seattle-based lab can help you see your products through the lens of FeaturePrint ID. Alitheon experts can also recommend Alitheon or 3rd-party endpoint options to retrofit your business scenario, giving you a clear deployment model for next steps.

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