True Authentication

Every physical object is unique. Our technology can distinguish any solid object from even visually identical items based on the object itself – there is no need for serialization, bar codes, RFID, etc. It can be used for object identification and authentication at low cost with statistically perfect results. This new branch of machine vision is called FeaturePrint™.

FeaturePrint™ Technology

As each person has unique fingerprints, every physical object has unique surface characteristics that distinguish it from all other items. Once an object is registered, its FeaturePrint is stored securely in the cloud. At any time, the object’s identity can be confirmed using something as pervasive as a smartphone.

Our patented technology uses advanced machine vision, neural networks, and deep learning to identify each object from its unique properties without dependence on RFID, bar codes or other proxies.

The identification of the object is inherent in the object itself.

The FeaturePrint™ of this 18mm aviation grade fastener is comprised of more than 20,000 unique points of interest.


Confirm an individual objects identity from millions of visually identical items without adding anything – no serialization, bar codes or RFID tags needed.

Track and Trace

Every FeaturePrinted item can be identified throughout a supply chain. This enables the ability to perform targeted recalls, lot tracking, time of manufacture dating, etc.

Item Level Metadata

Every FeaturePrint™ can store information such as when an item was made, who inspected it, who installed it, when it will expire or even who bought it (enhanced product registration), etc.