What if you could easily
Identify and Authenticate every object in your world
with just a picture?

Authenticate & IDENTIFY safety and mission critical items
original 9P1-615-301-J DISC Brake

These Brake Pads Are NOT Authentic.

Do NOT install them. Alert Security.

original passport no. 31195855

This passport IS authentic.

It belongs to Jessica Smith.

It was last authenticated at

LAX airport on Dec 3, 2022.

Authenticate & IDENTIFY valuables
Gold watch

This watch is NOT Authentic.

Do not accept it for service or resale.

Identify people without comprimising their privacy
– no fingerprints, no facial recognition
Right back of hand identification

Identity Verified

Authenticate & IDENTIFY precious metals
Original Gold bar from Switzerland

This bar of gold IS authentic.

It was made by SwissGolds.

The gold originated from James mine in Canada.

It was last authenitcated in UK Vault #4

on Oct 24, 2022.


Just a smartphone or off-the-shelf camera


Cloud hosted.  Works anywhere, anytime





Imagine what you could do
if you could fingerprint your products

Alitheon’s FeaturePrintSee the source image is an advanced Optical AI technology that digitizes for items, what fingerprints are for people – a one of a kind, unique identifier that does not require you to mark, modify or add anything to the item.

Using just a camera, FeaturePrinting enables identification, authentication, and traceability of individual items out of millions of similar ones.

With FeaturePrint, counterfeits are avoided, misidentification of parts is eliminated, and tracing your items is simplified.

A simple process

Take A Picture

Just take a photo of your part, product, item, (or even the back of your hand). Use a mobile phone, industrial camera, or perhaps even the existing cameras on your production or assembly line. No changing, adding, or manipulating. No pixy dust, holograms, barcodes, or stickers. Just the naked truth.


Our optical AI algorithms automatically identify and codify  the unique attributes and features inherently existing on the surface of the item. It then creates a one-of-a-kind FeaturePrint (kind of like a digital fingerprint) that can be used for identification, authentication, or traceability. The ONE of millions. Just like your own fingerprint.

Identify, Authenticate, Trace

You, your customer, your distributer, your quality control, or anyone you choose, can take a picture of the item and identify it, authenticate it, and trace it easily and flawlessly. No special scanners, readers, or tools. Just a camera. Even the one on your phone. The integrity of the match is preserved. With digital identities, customers verify your products with high trust and reliability. In OEM or aftermarket relationships, easy-to-use traceability services differentiate your brand while protecting margins and fostering loyalty.

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“Behind this [verifying origin with high-tech] is the technology of Alitheon, a US start-up specializing in authentication and traceability for industrial supply chains.

In the future, gold without a digital fingerprint could become increasingly worthless.


“The counterfeit crisis is a major cause of concern – not only for economic reasons, but even more as individual safety is concerned.

Alitheon's cutting-edge technology and ability to bring trust and safety back to supply chains is groundbreaking.


“The FeaturePrint process allows the system to see an object once, and then verify it as often as needed over its lifetime.

For some applications, this might only be long enough to move a part across an assembly hall, for other cases it could be years later when it’s time for warranty service, customer support or recycling.

SAE International

Traces Supply Chains

Protects Precious Metals

Authenticates High Value Items

Detects Counterfeits