Our Story

Alitheon was launched in 2017 by some really smart people with tremendous real-world experience combining advanced mathematics and machine vision.  The goal was to tackle the real $2.3T problem of counterfeit goods, untraceable items, and poor identification of physical products.

The first chapter of our story , called Something from Nothing, was about creating the technology and proving to ourselves that it worked. With many a mistake along the way and more than a few proverbial rabbit holes, we were ready to move on to our next chapter – Going to Market. We are now providing our amazing FeaturePrint solution to customers, enabling them to do things they could only imagine before.



Our Vision for the Future


People trust that items are what they think they are by easily and rapidly identifying anything, anywhere, anytime, with just a camera.

council of elders

Mike Hay
The Edge Man

(Head of Applications)

Lisa Fulle
Queen of Cash

(Head of Finance)

Mark Tocci
The Wizzard

(Head of Technology)

Phil Derbyshire
The European

(Head of Customer Integrations,
GM Europe)

Andrey Shur
The Keeper

(Head of Program Management)

Jonathan Meeks
The Tinkerer

(Head of Services & Infrastructure)

Roei Ganzarski

The Head in Headache


Dave Ross

The Godfather

Chief Scientist)


(Board of Directors)

Latest News

FEB 1, 2023  |  2023

London Bullion Market Association Selects Alitheon to Bring Authentication and Traceability to Global Gold and Precious Metal Markets 

"Alitheon's FeaturePrint technology is easy to implement and even easier for our customers to authenticate our products," said Robin Kolvenbach, Co-CEO at Argor-Heraeus. "Because of this technology, there is no need to add anything else to our bars like stickers or markers."

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MAR 1, 2023  | servicesmobiles

MWC23 - Alitheon enables identification, authentication and traceability

Innovation at MWC is not only about demonstrations at large company stands, it is sometimes nestled in small stands at the country pavilions - this one is a finalist at the MWC competition!

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feb 23, 2023  |  release

New Partnership Between Alitheon and SIMBA Chain Solidifies the Missing Provenance Link Between the Physical and Digital Worlds

The combined solution provides supply chains, manufacturers and luxury retailers with a holistic solution to the authentication of physical items and the digital data that goes with them. There are several industries in which authenticating physical items generates value, namely by proving ownership and verifying attributes. For example, the authenticity and associated certifications of aircraft and automotive parts can be traced through the supply chain in real time, eliminating risks of false parts or subpar maintenance. Alternatively, luxury retailers can utilize such solutions to protect and maintain the authenticity and proof of ownership of their products across sales and resales.

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Alitheon’s technology identifies parts by their own unique features so that no serial number is needed. The result is a new possibility for identifying parts, arguably better and more reliable than serial numbers.

modern machine shop

The FeaturePrint process allows the system to see an object once, and then verify it as often as needed over its lifetime.

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