Our Story

Alitheon was launched in 2017 by some really smart people with tremendous real-world experience combining advanced mathematics and machine vision.  The goal was to tackle the real $2.3T problem of counterfeit goods, untraceable items, and poor identification of physical products.

The first chapter of our story , called Something from Nothing, was about creating the technology and proving to ourselves that it worked. With many a mistake along the way and more than a few proverbial rabbit holes, we were ready to move on to our next chapter – Going to Market. We are now providing our amazing FeaturePrint solution to customers, enabling them to do things they could only imagine before.



Our Vision for the Future


People trust that items are what they think they are by easily and rapidly identifying anything, anywhere, anytime, with just a camera.

council of elders

Mike Hay
The Edge Man

(Head of Applications)

Lisa Fulle
Queen of Cash

(Head of Finance)

Mark Tocci
The Wizzard

(Head of Technology)

Phil Derbyshire
The European

(Head of Customer Integrations,
GM Europe)

Andrey Shur
The Keeper

(Head of Program Management)

Bob Combs
The Tinkerer

(Head of Services & Infrastructure)

Roei Ganzarski

The Head in Headache


Dave Ross

The Godfather

Chief Scientist)


(Board of Directors)

Latest News

aug 17, 2023  |  tech leaders unplugged

Unmasking the Shadows - a Teach Leaders Unplugged podcast with Roei Ganzarski

Learn about the secrets behind optical-AI's prowess in eradicating counterfeits and gray markets in our live video podcast interview on August 15th, when host Wade Erickson engages in an enlightening conversation with Roei Ganzarski, CEO of Alitheon. Discover cutting-edge technology that reshapes authenticity and trust in a world rife with deception. Whether you're an expert or curious about AI-driven optical authentication, this interview provides astounding insights.

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aug 17, 2023  | RFID JOURNAL

Optical AI Solution Identifies and Authenticates Goods

Alitheon has been aiming to address challenges that have resulted from, in part, the changing environment of retail sales. As shopping takes place increasingly online, with distributed supply chains, the potential for fraud, errors, or losses increases. One example is gray market sales when legitimate goods are sold through unauthorized channels, which leads to loss of revenue and integrity for the manufacturer or brand. In some cases, it can also be a safety risk, for example, if a medicine has expired and is being resold. Beyond gray market and counterfeit goods, however, is the problem of supply chain, says Ganzarski. “People want to know: ‘Where are my items? Where have they been?’”

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Jul 26, 2023  |  forbes

How To Improve Inventory Management In The Aerospace And Defense Industries

Inventory management and control are important in any industry no matter what the item is—be it nuts and bolts, luxury watches, gold bars or aircraft parts. Knowing what you have and where you have it is a critical aspect of operations. In aerospace and defense, this is especially important when it comes to mission assurance. Ensuring smooth, safe and effective operations is key. Cost efficiency is, of course, an element that is important as well and is directly impacted by the operation at hand.

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Alitheon’s technology identifies parts by their own unique features so that no serial number is needed. The result is a new possibility for identifying parts, arguably better and more reliable than serial numbers.

modern machine shop

The FeaturePrint process allows the system to see an object once, and then verify it as often as needed over its lifetime.

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