Detect Counterfeits

From computer chips to pharmaceuticals, from passports and drivers’ licenses to security badges, FeaturePrint enables you to instantly detect items that are not authentic or original. When installing a processor or taking medicine, wouldn’t you want to know it is the “real deal”?



What would be the consequence if only part of your product was real. Perhaps a chip on your computer board was replaced with a fake. Maybe some of your medicine counterfeited, but not all. What if a real passport was being used by the wrong people, and they had just the image replaced thus maintaining all other anti-counterfeiting technologies intact. Whatever high-value item you work with, be it monetary value, safety or security value, or performance and trust value, you can take a photo of it. With that one photo, our system will automatically create a baseline FeaturePrint (a digital fingerprint) that is unique and specific to that one item out of many. Anytime, anywhere, you or others will be able to take another photo of the item, and immediately authenticate and identify it out of the millions. All with just pictures taken with your mobile phone.

Organizations lose trillions of dollars each year because individual items are not correctly identified or worse, swapped or manipulated along the way. Even those with exotic labels, etchings, or handling procedures. With Alitheon’s FeaturePrint, your products are reliably authenticated and identified through simple photo taking. With only a camera, our software can identify the inherent digital fingerprint that exists on every item. The true, unrefutable identity of each item is unlocked without any physical contact or alterations.

Alitheon takes a unique approach to anti-counterfeiting. Instead of pursuing the increasingly futile task of detecting counterfeits, our patented technology detects authentic items legitimately entered into the supply chain. All other items are declared questionable. This new and powerful approach applies to currency, aircraft and auto parts, computer chips, consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, artwork, precious metals, and any other physical object.

Every item is already and by definition, unique. That uniqueness arises from the way the item was created, processed, or manufactured. The features that express this uniqueness occur below the level of functionality and esthetics. Because they are ubiquitous and relatively small (but not necessarily microscopic) they exist in a profusion far exceeding any randomness that can be intentionally added to the item.  

Alitheon avoids all the problems with today's standard anti-counterfeiting efforts by identifying known-legitimate objects using “accidental” features  inherent in the item itself. In other words, we don’t detect counterfeits; we identify originals. 


the simple process

Take A Picture

Just take a photo of your part, product, item, (or even the back of your hand). Use a mobile phone, industrial camera, or perhaps even the existing cameras on your production or assembly line.


Our algorithms identify and codify the exact attributes and features in the surface area from the manufacturing process. Our system creates a one-of-a-kind digital FeaturePrint that can be used for authentication, identification, or traceability. The ONE of millions. Just like your fingerprint. No changing, adding, or manipulating. No pixy dust, holograms, barcodes, or stickers. Just the naked truth.

Authenticate, Identify, Trace

You, your customer, your distributer, your quality control, or anyone you choose, can take a picture of the item and authenticate it, identify it, or trace it easily and flawlessly. No special scanners, readers, or tools. Just a camera. Even the one on your phone. The integrity of the match is preserved. With digital identities, customers verify your products with high trust and reliability. In OEM or aftermarket relationships, easy-to-use traceability services differentiate your brand while protecting margins and fostering loyalty.