Identification, authentication and security through artificial intelligence, machine vision and off-the-shelf cameras.

What is a FeaturePrint?

All objects—even those that are indistinguishable to the human eye—have unique surface characteristics. FeaturePrint uses off-the-shelf cameras and proprietary software to identify and convert those unique characteristics into a digital model of the object called a FeaturePrint.

How Does It Work?

An object is registered by creating a FeaturePrint and storing it in the cloud or local database. Registered objects can be subsequently identified by creating another FeaturePrint and comparing it to the database of registered objects.  If there is a match, the object is identified as the original and all associated metadata can be accessed.


In what industries can Alitheon’s technology be applied?
Our capabilities and applications can support aerospace, aviation services, defense, automotive, semiconductors, luxury consumer goods, additive manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and currency counterfeiting.

Does the object need to be oriented in a particular way during registration and authentications?

No. Items can be identified regardless of orientation, scale or ambient lighting conditions.

What cameras are required?
The rapid advance of image capture technology has enabled Alitheon to cheaply acquire product components cost prohibitive at scale five years ago.

How many objects can be registered?
There is no limit to the number of items that can be registered in a database. Our query methodologies allow us to search a database of million FeaturePrint in seconds.

How quickly can objects be registered and authenticated?
Images are captured and FeaturePrint models are created in fractions of a second. We can also register and authenticate objects that are in motion.

Does FeaturePrint work with large and small objects?
Objects of any size can be registered and authenticated using FeaturePrint with appropriate optics.

Benefits of FeaturePrint

Durable: An object can be identified even if 90% of its original surface has been removed. 

A FeaturePrint is not a photograph and cannot be reversed engineered to obtain an image of the object or person.

With more than 30 issued patents, FeaturePrint combines unique imaging technology and proprietary cloud-based software.

We have performed over 1 million identifications without a single false positive.