Alitheon empowers multiple industries to identify, authenticate, track and trace products and their components across multiple steps of creation, assembly, distribution and maintenance.

Counterfeit Prevention
No two objects are exactly alike which means no two FeaturePrint IDs are exactly the same. The only way a counterfeit a registered product would be to duplicate an object at a molecular level which is neither technologically nor financially feasible.

Items made at the OEM as an unauthorized ‘over-run’ would not be registered and therefore be identified as unauthorized.

Tamper Detection
FeaturePrint can also be used to identify regions of an object in which the original surface material has been removed or changed. This could indicate tampering, enabling the user to be notified that closer inspection is warranted.

Diversion Detection
The intended recipient or customer of a particular product (or lot of products) can be linked to the product’sFeaturePrint, allowing manufacturers and distributors to not only uncover gray market products, but also identify where in the supply chain the product was diverted.

Track and Trace
FeaturePrint enables manufacturers and distributors to track products from production through assembly, packaging, and distribution, facilitating compliance with regulators’ traceability requirements. 

Production and Maintenance History
Because FeaturePrint provides a secure link between the physical and digital worlds, all item-level information pertaining to a specific product—including location, date and time of manufacture and maintenance history—is readily accessible, enabling more precise and efficient targeting of product recalls.

Targeted recall
Each FeaturePrint ID is tied to manufacturing information at a granular level, including date and time of production and location of production down to a particular line or machine.  This enables narrow tailoring of recalls limited to the impacted products.

Industries Served

Aviation Services
Additive Manufacturing
Government / Military