Alitheon + SeaTac

What is this black box?  This is a prototype device that is part of a new optical bag-scanning system developed by Alitheon.

Does it pose any risk to people?  No. It is nothing more than a camera, flash, and powerful computer.

What is its purpose?  A major US carrier is collaborating with Alitheon to test a new method of bag tracking to ensure passengers and checked bags arrive at their destination together.

How does it work?  Cameras image each bag as it moves along the conveyor, and Alitheon’s AI technology creates a digital record called a FeaturePrint from that image. The bag is tracked by matching this FeaturePrint to other images of the bag that are taken at various points of its journey to its final destination.

How does it tell bags apart?  All bags, including visually identical bags, have unique surface characteristics that allow Alitheon’s machine vision technology to tell them apart.

Does it just ‘read’ the bag tag?  No, we do not use printed or RFID bag tags.

Is this what it will look like if installed?  No, this is an engineering prototype device that is many times larger than the finished product.