True Authentication

Every object is unique and Alitheon’s FeaturePrint technology can distinguish any solid object form its seemingly identical peers. This technology brings an end to counterfeiting and a future of authentication.

FeaturePrint technology

As every person has unique fingerprints, every object has small, unique surface features that make it distinct from all other similar items. Alitheon has developed a patented methodology to capture these micro-features called ‘FeaturePrinting’. Once an object is FeaturePrinted, its fingerprint-like characteristics are stored securely on the cloud and can be used confirm the identity of the object at any time.

A FeaturePrint is creating by using advanced machine vision, neural networks, and deep learning to identify an object’s unique and random molecular distribution. This means that even two seemingly identical objects will have different physical characteristics and very different FeaturePrints. Even the most sophisticated counterfeits will not be recognized as authentic and FeaturePrints are virtually impossible to counterfeit.

In this FeaturePrint example of an aviation grade bolt, there are more than 20,000 unique points of interest (circled in blue).


Intrinsic authentication based on an object's unique surface features and physical characteristics

Tracking and Traceability

Use FeaturePrints and optical sensors to track objects in real-time

Digital Pedigree

FeaturePrints enable 1:1 relationships between objects and all individuals on the supply chain