The new digital manufacturing asset: FeaturePrint ID

Pick up an automotive powertrain part, an aerospace structural fastener, a circuit board, or a bar of precious metal. Is this item authoritatively known by its manufacturer or by its consumer? Every industry struggles to identify and trace its goods, a deeply consequential issue in a world of autonomous and connected products.

What if every object, whether made of metal, plastic, fibers, or even wood, could simply identify itself?

Alitheon's FeaturePrint ID is a universal identity asset for virtually any product. Through mature machine vision and statistical methods, even the most resistant objects can now be securely identified again and again.  

FeaturePrint IS Algorithms, not alterations

Most of the world’s goods are either untraceable or only known through an identification proxy added to objects. Barcode labels, etchings, seals, exotic materials, and even guarded facilities are variously used to declare the provenance of individual items.

Should an item’s proxy be lost – or never exist – the product is anonymous. Its performance, safety, or economic value is unprovable. In global B2B and B2C commerce, such ID failures cost hundreds of billions of dollars annually due to scrap, recalls, damage, or theft. Customer trust deteriorates with every loss.

Now you can require virtually any physical object to prove its true digital identity - to you, your customers, or your partners. FeaturePrint ID represents product surfaces as math formulas, ready for on-demand verification via industrial cameras or simple handheld apps.


Starting with a camera step, FeaturePrint algorithms encode any item’s unique traits into a compact dataset typically 10% of the size of the original image. This data transfers easily across site networks and applications. As a pure math model, the FeaturePrint ID contains no product class, image, or user information. This structure ensures every object is both precisely known and automatically protected from tampering.


Image Capture

Automated Software Transformation

Surface Analysis
Statistical Mapping
Unique Digital Identity
Math data - 10% of image size

FeaturePrint™ ID

System Integration

FeaturePrint IDs are digital assets that link your business applications to your individual products

Built For Industrial Use

Whether you deploy in automated smart factories, decades-old craft lines, or in outdoor service conditions, you can count on traceability software always ready for the job.

Resilient in

Alitheon’s core registration and authentication functions are built to accommodate physical and environmental challenges of industrial scenarios. Key application and research topics include:

  • Verifying obscured, worn, or contaminated products
  • Maintaining insensitivity to product orientations or rotation
  • Processing batches of parts and parts in motion
  • Versioning to support item-level audit histories
  • Validating multiple components in assembly relationships

Ready for
your smart

Support your digitalization or Industry 4.0 initiatives by linking your business to the products you make. Alitheon capabilities deploy quickly and fit your cloud and data architectures:

  • Manufacturing execution systems
  • Blockchains for aftermarkets
  • Analytics and intelligent automation
  • Distributed additive manufacturing
  • Industrial IoT for production

See your products in an entirely new way

Ready to assess no-touch traceability for your use cases? Alitheon's PREP (Production Readiness Program) offers feasibility tests based on your own send-in samples. With a simple cooperative agreement in place, our Seattle-based lab can help you see your products through the lens of FeaturePrint ID. Alitheon experts can also recommend Alitheon or 3rd-party endpoint options to retrofit your business scenario, giving you a clear deployment model for next steps.

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