Our purpose

What happens when a group of talented people combine decades of pattern recognition experience, state-of-the art algorithm research, and a passion for manufacturing processes? Alitheon is recognized as the inventor of digital fingerprinting for physical goods, with 36+ patents related to our unique FeaturePrint capabilities.

Alitheon was founded in 2016 by Dave Ross and Scot Land with the belief that FeaturePrint™ technology could solve traceability challenges in factories, supply chains, and logistics-dependent industries including aviation services and pharmaceuticals. Our founding vision continues to drive our roadmap, validated by 36 patents and strong demand for FeaturePrint applications.

Privately held and based in Bellevue, Washington USA, we enjoy consistent access to international talent, partnerships, and a growing list of world-class manufacturing clients

Working with us

At Alitheon, we help manufacturers produce and distribute goods efficiently, safely, and with consistent quality. We have a passion for solving familiar problems in novel ways, confronting decades-old traceability problems within highly automated industries. We love working with world-class advanced manufacturing teams, production engineering groups, and business unit leaders creating new digital service channels for their own customers.

We are grateful for our partnerships including world-class support from our investors:
Alitheon is a certified AWS partner


Brian Crowley
Chief Executive Officer
David Ross
Founder & Chief Scientist
Jim Beach
Chief Financial Officer
Chris Kaufield
Chief Revenue Officer
Mark Tocci
VP of Engineering

See your products in an entirely new way

Ready to assess no-touch traceability for your use cases? Alitheon's PREP (Production Readiness Program) offers feasibility tests based on your own send-in samples. With a simple cooperative agreement in place, our Seattle-based lab can help you see your products through the lens of FeaturePrint ID. Alitheon experts can also recommend Alitheon or 3rd-party endpoint options to retrofit your business scenario, giving you a clear deployment model for next steps.

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