Teaching computers to perceive

Alitheon’s technologies are aimed at teaching computers to recognize and perceive the world around them. We are actively engaged in providing solutions for airline baggage handling and supply chain management.

Our domains of interest promise significant cost savings, retention of revenue, and the immeasurable outcomes of security and safety.

FeaturePrint technology

FeaturePrint™ is a proprietary core technology that uses artificial intelligence and machine vision to create a FeaturePrint unique to each object. FeaturePrinting automatically determines and characterizes the features that distinguish a particular object from all others of its kind. These characterizations include attributes such as size, color, shape, and surface texture. 

A FeaturePrint is like a human fingerprint for a solid object, except much more accurate, robust and reliable. Like human fingerprints, every FeaturePrint is unique for each individual object and is different from all other visually similar or even apparently identical objects. Unlike human fingerprints, which may have dozens distinguishing features, FeaturePrints contain thousands of features that distinguish a particular object from all others of its kind. Because a FeaturePrint is a collection of many unique features and because those features are as random as their molecular composition, only two FeaturePrints of the same object will produce a highly congruent, certain authentication.

FeaturePrints can be created and authenticated in less than 1 second. Part of Alitheon’s intellectual property covers the ability to rapidly find and match FeaturePrints based solely on the FeaturePrint itself without any other identification elements such as a serial number or an index for the object.

Nothing is added—each object can be tracked and re-identified with its own intrinsic ID. FeaturePrints connect objects to the internet to provide authentication, provenance tracking, digital pedigrees, and enhanced customer experiences.


Intrinsic authentication based on an object's unique surface features and physical characteristics

Tracking and Traceability

Use FeaturePrints and optical sensors to track objects in real-time

Digital Pedigree

FeaturePrints enable 1:1 relationships between objects and all individuals on the supply chain