Alitheon is aiming the power of its unique AI systems to revolutionize the operational efficiency of commercial airlines and airports. Artificial neural networks, machine vision, and deep learning are employed to build systems that increase the reliability and efficiency of airport operations. Particularly in the manually intensive processes where AI can serve to automate a host of repetitive tasks, freeing humans to do what they do best—manage exceptions and solve problems with incomplete data.

Objective Identification and Tracking 

Alitheon’s FeaturePrint™ technology extracts meaningful information from individual objects to create their own digital fingerprint. No tag or additional paperwork is needed when baggage, parcels, and cargo can be distinguished by their own unique features. Optical reading of each FeaturePrint replaces legacy recognition methods such as barcodes and RFID.

A FeaturePrint is created from the entire object but only requires a small portion to be in view to be recognized. This recognition flexibility allows for unprecedented identification accuracy and precision. The statistical chances of misidentification by FeaturePrint border on impossibility. A FeaturePrint also captures an object’s physical characteristics, such as linear dimensions, volume, and color.

Instant Recall

Each FeaturePrint is stored in the cloud where it is accessible through an API for instant recall and ubiquitous access. Each object, such as a bag or piece of cargo, can then be identified by its native FeaturePrint using a variety of imaging tools, ranging from current-generation smartphones to industrial high-speed imaging systems.

Visual Identification 

FeaturePrint also includes images and visuals to expedite manual searches, which can be accessed on various connected devices or wearable displays. For the first time, ground handlers will have a visual reference to filter their search for mishandled bags.

Solutions for Airport Modernization

Alitheon creates custom suites of interlocking AI-based data systems that virtually eliminate misrouted, lost, or mishandled baggage; increases the throughput of existing tag-based baggage-handling systems; and decreases the need for manual labor by automating time-consuming and error-prone manual processes.

Alitheon’s AI-suites provide an opportunity to use real-time data to manage the inventory of everything that goes into cargo holds by providing identification and objective detail about each individual object. The accuracy and specificity of tracking by FeaturePrint sets the stage for even deeper analytics and larger-scale improvements in productivity and efficiency, including extending the life of existing mechanical and real estate assets.


  • Redundant hand scanning is eliminated due to FeaturePrint’s near-perfect recognition flexibility and accuracy
  • Manual searches are expedited with visual identification from FeaturePrints
  • Yield on packing and cargo hold management is increased by using specific physical dimensions of each FeaturePrinted object below the wing
  • Total workflow automation is achievable from near-perfect recognition rates