Linking the Physical and Digital Worlds

IoT, IIoT, Industry 4.0, Industry 5.0, Blockchain, all refer to underlying technologies that promise advancements in efficiency and security by creating digital solutions to augment our physical world. But there is a little-discussed “last mile” problem that must be solved in order to deliver on this promise: the digital ‘representation’ of an object must be securely linked to its physical counterpart. Alitheon™ solves the “last mile” problem by creating a trusted digital link to objects in the physical world wherever they may be with statistical certainty.

Enduring Trust

An Alitheon FeaturePrint™ can identify and help track individual objects across supply chains, manufacturing processes and distribution systems without holograms, tags or barcodes that can be difficult to implement yet easily duplicated. A fully automated FeaturePrint may take only milliseconds but it provides enduring trust for the life of any object of value.

Successful Authentications: 1,301,503
False Positives: 0

A New Level of Transparency

FeaturePrint addresses the greatest collapse of institutional trust head-on. Counterfeiting, gray market products and unauthorized parts are not only a multi-trillion-dollar problem, they claim nearly a million of lives every year.

Track & Trace

FeaturePrint makes products traceable from raw material through manufacturing and distribution creating a more enduring and trusted relationship between creators and customers. This in turn eliminates the threat of counterfeits, identifies diverted and unauthorized production and allows product recalls to be targeted and efficient.

Simple Authentication

A FeaturePrint uses the object to authenticate itself and store unique metadata in a fully automated process. By not relying on added physical security features such as tags and barcodes, FeaturePrint eliminates the possibility of counterfeiting of a registered part.

Next Gen Biometrics

FeaturePrint technology can also serve as a much needed ‘anonymous biometrics’ solution. The system is opt-in by design and  uses unique human micro-features instead of class-based facial recognition. The technology is not even reliant on the use of a participant's face.


Identification, authentication and security through artificial intelligence, machine vision and off-the-shelf cameras.

What is FeaturePrint™?

All objects—even those that are indistinguishable to the human eye—have unique surface characteristics. FeaturePrint uses off-the-shelf cameras and proprietary software to identify and convert those unique characteristics into a digital model of the object called a FeaturePrint.

How Does It Work?

An object is registered by creating a FeaturePrint and storing it in the cloud or local database. Registered objects can be subsequently identified by creating another FeaturePrint and comparing it to the database of registered objects.  If there is a match, the object is identified as the original and all associated metadata can be accessed.

Benefits of FeaturePrint

Durable: An object can be identified even if 90% of its original surface has been removed. 

A FeaturePrint is not a photograph and cannot be reversed engineered to obtain an image of the object or person.

With more than 30 issued patents, FeaturePrint combines unique imaging technology and proprietary cloud-based software.

We have performed over 1 million identifications without a single false positive.
Easy: The FeaturePrint system can be incorporated within existing manufacturing and distribution processes without disturbing throughput.


Alitheon empowers industries to identify, authenticate, track and trace products and their components across multiple steps of creation, assembly, distribution and maintenance.

Counterfeit Prevention

No two objects are exactly alike which means no two FeaturePrint IDs are exactly the same. The only way a counterfeit a registered product would be to duplicate an object at a molecular level which is neither technologically nor financially feasible.

Tamper Detection

FeaturePrint can also be used to identify regions of an object in which the original surface material has been removed or changed. This could indicate tampering, enabling the user to be notified that closer inspection is warranted.

Diversion Detection

The intended recipient or customer of a particular product (or lot of products) can be linked to the product’s FeaturePrint, allowing manufacturers and distributors to not only uncover gray market products, but also identify where in the supply chain the product was diverted.

Track and Trace

FeaturePrint enables manufacturers and distributors to track products from production through assembly, packaging, and distribution, facilitating compliance with regulators’ traceability requirements.

Production and Maintenance History

Because FeaturePrint provides a secure link between the physical and digital worlds, all item-level information pertaining to a specific product—including location, date and time of manufacture and maintenance history—is readily accessible, enabling more precise and efficient targeting of product recalls.

Targeted Recall

Each FeaturePrint ID is tied to manufacturing information at a granular level, including date and time of production and location of production down to a particular line or machine.  This enables narrow tailoring of recalls limited to the impacted products.

About Us

Alitheon is dedicated to bringing integrity and security to our world through powerful AI and machine vision. We use advanced mathematics and off-the-shelf cameras to register and reidentify individual objects to not only eliminate the threat of counterfeit products but to deliver rich and valuable layers of metadata unique to every part.

The management team draws on work experience in technology development, strategic planning, and business development from Accenture, Boeing, Caltech’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Calera, Ernst and Young, InVision Technologies (GE), KPMG, Microsoft, Oracle, Raytheon and more.

Our team has strong academic foundations and networks from Caltech, Cambridge University, CalPoly, Carnegie Mellon, MIT, Stanford, Tsinghua University (Beijing), University of Washington and Yale.

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